Can U.S Citizens buy BoozCoin?

Can I buy BoozCoin if I'm American?

BoozCoin is not available to U.S citizens during the phases of Pre-Sale. 

When BoozCoin is launched on a crypto exchange.  The exchanges will regulate investors and they will allow or dissalow an American investor to buy BoozCoin depending on their own exchange policies.

Any particular reason why not?

Well the SEC are discussing and planning tight regulations for the crypto currency market and we don’t want to disturb our pre ICO if the S.E.C bring in regulation while we are launching.

It is safer to wait for regulation announcements - Then BoozCoin can seek opinions to try to become regulated and enter the U.S market in the proper way.

Lots of great opportunity for U.S investors to participate if BoozCoin is launched on exchanges that are regulated in the U.S.  BoozCoin has a great potential to increase in value based on the Token-omics throughout the next several years which should be much later than an ICO launch.

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