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KYC Verification

Our KYC (Know Your Customer) is designed to stop Bots, Spammers, fraudsters attempting to pump n dump the coin when we go to the ICO phase. This is done to protect you as an investor.

Our KYC technology is used by Bitcoin and many other financial entities. It is as good as it gets. It checks for altered images and can even tell us what was used to alter the image. It checks you live in the country you say you live in and that you are not on a KYC blacklist.

Finally it confirms you are real and not a BOT.

If you are rejected, the odds are very high that you have broken one of the rules. If so, then not only can’t you buy BoozCoin but you will be put on a blacklist which is used by all organizations using KYC checks so you are likely to be rejected by other coin issuers.

Bottom line.. don’t try to game the system.

What we are looking for? 

You need to prove you are a real person and not a BOT. You also need to prove who you are by providing an official document and confirm that you are not living in a restricted country. Finally, you mustn’t be on the blacklist. 

How to get verified?

1. Login to the ICO dashboard

2. Go to the “Profile verification” page 

3. Follow the instructions carefully…take your time!

4. If you switch between a mobile device and a pc, or change location halfway through then you will need to be on the same WIFI connection or you will need to verify again

5. If you have any problems email [email protected]

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